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Personal Color Consultation: 

Find out which clothing, make up, hair & jewelry colors will make you look and feel your best.  Gain the confidence to wear color- the right colors for you!




Personal Image Consultant - Welcome welcome

That's Your Color!™ is here to explore YOUR best colors, to help you look and feel your very best! I specialize in analyzing your skin tone to find out which colors will be most flattering for your clothing, makeup, hair color and jewelry. In addition, using my color and style skills, I can help you in many other ways. Whether you need a few new pieces of clothing and accessories, makeup or hair coloring advice, a new professional wardrobe, or a gown/suit for a special occasion such as a wedding or graduation, That's Your Color!™ can help you determine exactly what to look for and even accompany you on a personal shopping excursion. I am also available for seminars on color and dressing for success professionally and socially. Check out my Other Services page for more information.

My goal is to help you gain the confidence to wear color - the right colors for YOU. When you put this knowledge to work, you will look your best and feel your best. That's Your Color!™ clients range from professionals looking for a business edge, mothers and daughters or girlfriends looking for some fun time together, couples, single men and women wanting to polish their look  and retiree's looking to 'reinvent' themselves and deciding whether and how to color their hair. Contact me at the number at the bottom of the page to schedule an appointment.

If you are not located in Western New York or are unable to complete a color analysis in person - we also offer Virtual Color Analysis! Click on the link for more information or Contact us for details!

We look forward to helping you look and feel your very best!

That's Your Color!


Personal Image Consultant - Welcome what is color analysis?

Color analysis is the process of determining your natural color tone so that all clothing, makeup, hair, and jewelry colors placed near your face will be in harmony with this tone.  When the colors all harmonize, you will look radiant, healthy and fabulous!

A personal color analysis will take about 1½ hours.  It can be done in my studio in Williamsville, NY (a suburb of Buffalo), or in your (nearby) home or place of business.  It consists of draping and analyzing fabrics near your face until we find the category or group of colors that look best on you. 

For women, I also apply makeup in shades that are specially selected to look good on your skin tone.  The makeup is available to experiment with and for purchase, although there is never any obligation or pressure to do so.  I find that most women are thrilled to find quality makeup that looks great on them at a reasonable price. I will also teach you what to look for in makeup colors and give you makeup tips.

The fee for a personal color analysis is $98.,  This price includes not only the analysis and makeup consultation, but also a personal color book ($77 retail value) that shows you 60+ of the colors that will look best on you.  The personal color swatch book or "fan" comes in a protective case, making it easy to take with you on all your shopping trips. I also include written information about your color "season," helping you to understand and recognize your best clothing, jewelry, hair and makeup colors.



Personal Image Consultant - Welcome why color analysis?

To look your and feel your best!  A first impression is formed within 35 seconds of meeting someone, whether socially or at work.  Wearing your best colors will:

  • make you look healthier, radiant, vibrant, more fabulous (the wrong colors make you look tired, sick, pale/washed-out)
  • minimize any facial blemishes, discolorations, wrinkles, scars
  • draw attention to your eyes
  • make your smile whiter and brighter
  • ensure your hair color/highlights flatters your skin tone
  • give you confidence


To save time and money

  • find clothing and makeup that looks great on you in less time.  You will actually wear it.  Stop buying clothing and lipstick/makeup you wear once and then never again.
  • buy clothing, makeup, shoes, belts, and bags that all coordinate, so you will need less.  This makes packing for trips and getting dressed easier.