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Personal Color Consultation: 

Find out which clothing, make up, hair & jewelry colors will make you look and feel your best.  Gain the confidence to wear color- the right colors for you!




Personal Image Consultant - Welcome about lynda tarantino

I first heard about color analysis back in the 1980’s when I “had my colors done” in college.  Back then, there were only a few drapes used in the analysis, but I was nonetheless correctly diagnosed as an “Autumn.”  I was not happy about this at the time, since I had thought I was a Winter, like my well-dressed aunt.  It took a while for me to realize that the pinks and blacks that she favored actually looked terrible on me!  The same was true of much of the makeup I was using at the time – it didn’t look natural.  As a young attorney, I made the mistake of wearing the navy and black suits with white shirts I thought were appropriate but made me look washed-out and tired. Over the years, I learned to avoid pastels (especially pink, which makes me look sick) and to wear a lot of brown – but I was not sure why.

Years later, everything became clear.  My mom and I had a modern color analysis done for fun.  Little did I know how it would impact my life.  Once I knew which colors made me look my best, it was so much easier to shop and get dressed.  I no longer stand in my closet thinking that I have nothing to wear.  I love wearing all my clothes, which easily coordinate with each other as well as with my belts, shoes and bags.  I no longer buy a pair of shoes to wear with just one outfit!  I am no longer afraid to wear new colors because I know which ones will look good on me.  I am also saving money because I no longer buy things that do not work for me.  I threw away all those lipsticks that I never wore and only buy makeup in flattering colors.  Shopping is now a breeze.  I can look through a rack of clothes or an entire store in record time.  Best of all, I own clothing and makeup in beautiful colors that I know look great on me and flatter my coloring.  Most of my suits are now brown and I wear them not only with ivory blouses, but many other colors. I also know which colors to buy for my mom and even my son – they are not the colors I wear, they are colors they like and look great in!

I love color and what color analysis has done for me, so I decided to learn all I could about it and share my knowledge with others.  I studied all of the current color analysis methods and employ the best parts of each for my clients.  I also trained with a very successful image consultant who taught me that color analysis should be fun and tailored to each individual.  I now have extensive experience in color analysis and continue to learn more every day.  I have combined my color knowledge with my professional experience so that I can help people look good for work as well as casually. Most of all, I love helping people see for themselves how fabulous they can look and feel in the right colors.  I know I’ve done my job when a person leaves feeling excited and confident about wearing their best colors.