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  Personal Image Consulting: Hair Color & Highlights


Personal Image Consultant - Welcome hair color & highlights


Another wonderful benefit of color analysis is that it will help you determine which tones are right for coloring your hair.  Today, more women than ever are experimenting with different hair colors and using highlights – both to cover grey and just to add a little excitement to their look.

When your hairdresser is using color on your hair, he or she needs to determine whether to use an ash (cool), neutral or golden (warm) tone.  This is true whether you want blond, red, caramel, etc. color. 

Very few colorists are trained to analyze a woman’s skin tone when selecting hair color.  Much of the time, selection is somewhat random, based on a hair sample that you like, the stylist’s preference or a picture in a magazine.  What looks good on someone else, however, may not look good on you – because you have a unique skin tone.

For example, if a woman with warm skin tones receives ash or cool blond hair color, it will give a “fake,” unnatural look that will detract from the woman’s face.  People will see the hair, not the woman.  Conversely, if the same woman receives warm golden blond color, the hair will harmonize with the face, look natural and be flattering. 




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