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Personal Image Consultant - Welcome makeup & nail polish

How many times have you purchased a lipstick, worn it once or twice and then never again? 

Once you have a personal color analysis with That’s Your Color!™ you will know exactly which lipstick and other makeup tones will look great on you.  Foundation colors can be especially tricky.  Have you ever purchased a foundation that made you look orange?  I can tell you what to look for when you shop for foundation so that you look natural, and which bronzer tones to purchase when you want a little color.  The secret to makeup is finding the right tones so that you wear the makeup, the makeup doesn’t wear you. 

If you use the right colors, makeup will enhance your best features and downplay any flaws so that people see a more beautiful you rather than a clownish or made up face.  I will teach you how to use your personal color book when you shop for makeup and even nail polish so that you’ll get it right all the time. The right nail polish alone can mean the difference between looking healthy and tan or pale and tired!

As part of your personal color analysis, I will apply makeup colors specially selected for you. This is a great way to try out some new, flattering colors. There is absolutely no pressure to purchase makeup during your color analysis; however, many of my clients are thrilled to find quality makeup that looks great on them at a reasonable price.

I have recently developed my own line of high-quality, professional makeup. It is mineral based and formulated without parabens and with many wonderful natural ingredients. Best of all, I have hand-picked and categorized the colors to correspond to the 12 seasons of color analysis. Although it is not yet available on my website or to non-U.S. customers, please contact me and I will be happy to email you photos and personalized recommendations. You may find additional information and special promotions on the That's Your Color! Facebook page. Here's what one client had to say:

"Oh, Lynda! These colors are gorgeous! I fell in love with them when I opened the package. I've got the lipstick and blush on now and feel they are perfect for me. Can't wait to try the eyeshadows this week. Thank you so much!" Kellee



Personal Color Makeup & Nail Polish