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Find out which clothing, make up, hair & jewelry colors will make you look and feel your best.  Gain the confidence to wear color- the right colors for you!




Personal Image Consultant - Welcome client testimonials

Lynda - Greetings! You were incredible at the Dana-co Brand You Expo. People related to you totally. They had fun, The information you shared was of immense personal value. You are a total delight! Thank you from Zvi and myself.

Andrew (goinnovate)

Hi Lynda,
 Thanks so much for your prompt, thorough, and inspiring analysis!  You are truly amazing and doubly talented - litigation to image analysis!  Bright Spring makes a lot of sense - thanks for the clarity and specificity.  Love, love, love the work wardrobe suggestions.  Funny observation - the work neutrals you recommend are the very ones I've used in my MN apartment.  

Alicia, Bright Spring (Minnesota)


Lynda, our sincere thanks for spending the afternoon with us last week. We all really enjoyed it. It truly changes the way you shop for clothes and make up. Understanding why some of our clothing colours perk us up when we wear them and why other things just don't look as good (but fabulous on a friend) totally makes sense now. Our personal colours have been a hot topic of discussion in the staff lunchroom since! I also appreciate your tips for dressing for the office. I hope they were taken to heart!

Jane, Executive Director


Dear Lynda,
I'm writing to update you on my color analysis results. If you remember, you've analyzed me as a Soft Autumn a couple of months ago. I took the time to acquaint myself with the colors and I can confidently say that you were correct. These colors really improve my complexion in that they clear the sallow overcast and make the skin tone seem uniform - so much so that I've no need for foundation anymore!

The palette itself is brilliant because the colors as a set make so much sense and a couple of times I've found and bought clothes that don't match the dots exactly, rather they are in between the colors but match the feeling of the palette (if that makes sense), something I couldn't do with a CMB Warm Autumn fan for some reason. So I'd like to thank you for the analysis and the fact that for the last couple of months I've looked so much better. I've been obsessing for years about my colors because I have an intuitive sense of how color changes someone's appearance (most of the time for the worse), but I simply could not see or understand my own coloring. It probably has to do with not understanding the concept of neutral coloring until you see the palette and get a feel for the colors. This time nothing feels off.

Sandra (Soft Autumn, Croatia)


Dear Lynda, I have been extremely pleased with That's Your Color Makeup and color analysis. Mry friends kept saying, Mary, You look great. Retirement has made you looking younger all the time. It's really my makeup and the bright spring colors I have been wearing. No, not plastic surgery. It takes less than two minutes to apply and looks great all day. Thank you from one happy client.

Mary, Bright Spring (Buffalo)


Hi Lynda, I'm doing great! I hope you are doing the same. I'm having the absolute best time living as a True Autumn.  My Mother and I really appreciate the time and attention you took on our color analysis. Since being analyzed online by you, I had an in-person SciArt PCA that confirmed your result of True Autumn. I couldn't be happier! Take Care,

Ashley, True Autumn (Texas)


Hi Lynda, thanks for those warm and encouraging words! I actually went to Zara today (luckily there are lots of Spring colors around this season), picked out a clear camel jacket and it looked so amazing!  My mom was with me and she really liked it, I guess it convinced her :-) After that I went and got some makeup. I was always wondering why I could never find a nice looking blush, but I also never chose a really warm color before. I'm so happy, because the TSp colors are so beautiful and I always thought I couldn't wear them, but I also never tried. It feels like coming home and being myself, finally. Thank you for showing me the way!!

Jenny, True Spring (Austria)


Hi Lynda, I got the color fan and am so VERY happy about it: finally I 
feel "at home" with my colors, the confusion of so many years is over, 
thank you once again!!

Tarja, Light Spring (Finland)


Thank you, Lynda!   You don’t know how much I value this assessment!  I already feel unique and beautiful! 

Cheryl, True Autumn (Oklahoma)


Hi Lynda,
Wow, your tips are fantastically helpful! . . . .  You know, I am thrilled with the service you have provided. These tips you provided are actually more useful to me than the list of colors in the word doc you sent. . . . What a revelation it was finding my colors! I am weaning myself off my addiction to blues and bright colors. Most of colors from the dark autumn palette I would never have tried on before, but they look great on me!

Philip, Dark Autumn (San Francisco, CA)


Well it appears that I can't stop sending you clients.  It is all so exciting to find one's place in the rainbow. Thank you so much Lynda. It has been a journey that we have all enjoyed sharing with you.  We are all very satisfied and feel that your analysis resonates well with us. You have been a tremendous help, thank you once again for your thoughtful analysis.

Teri, Light Spring (Arizona)


Hi Lynda,
First I want to say I had a chance to go shopping with my color swatch book yesterday.  It was much easier to find my colors than I thought it would be.  It helped to streamline the whole process, which I badly needed.  I managed to find a few things that were a spot on match, or exactly in between two colors.  And they look fantastic.  I couldn't believe it... they all give my skin the look that my favorite shade of lavender does, sort a surreal, deeper, fairy-like look.  Just really really good.  My eye is defiantly drawn to these shades too.  I tried on this very strange shade of cream that I would have never guessed I could wear, and wow.  I was almost hoping it would be more difficult, as I was hoping to save money this way.  Such may not be the case!!! However, it will increase my satisfaction with my clothes once I get them!!!  Plus it's far more interesting to wear these unusual shades....I just didn't know what colors to really look for before, and it really does help to have colors to look at in the store.

Angela, Soft Summer (BC Canada)


Thanks for the "light spring" color book.  These colors seem perfect for my coloring.  I have cleared out unbecoming colors from my wardrobe.  Thankfully I still have some clothes, but will be adding more.  Shopping will be so much easier now. Thanks again for simplifying and beautifying my life.

Susan, Light Spring


Thanks so much for fitting us in last weekend.  We found the personal color analysis very interesting & enjoyable.  I stopped at the Grove City Outlet mall and found a nice winter coat in dark teal and some great tops and jewelry in my colors.  The fan makes it so easy to pick the correct colors. 

Cathy, Dark Autumn (Virginia)


Thank you so much for the color palette. I went shopping, and using the light spring colors, I was able to pass over so many clothes and get right to the ones that were most flattering. I can skip past the deep dark burgundy, brown, mauve, black, and navy and instead feel encouraged in wearing all the bright and light colors that I love, but never realized I could actually wear! It has been so liberating and freeing to have the colors as a guiding reassurance. I feel so happy when I see my colors "pop" in the mirror. It is like magic! Thank you so much.

Sarah, Light Spring (San Diego)