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   Personal Image Consulting: Color Analysis


Personal Image Consultant - Welcome other services available

Personal Shopping:
Do you hate to shop, not have time to shop or simply want a little help? Whether you need a special occasion dress or just the right outfit for a casual event, let me do the shopping for or with you. I can give you an honest opinion that sales people may not. I will also make sure that you find clothing in flattering colors using your personal color book and considering your shape and needs. I will save you time and money while ensuring you look your best. ($45/hour)


Virtual Color Analysis:
If you do not live in the Western New York/Buffalo area, I offer color analysis over the Internet. Through photos, discussion and a questionnaire, I will determine your best colors – at a cost of $125, including a Spectrafiles or 12-Tones color fan ($77 retail value). Unlike some other on-line analysis, I examine each person in depth as an individual and do not simply rely on hair or eye color or ethnicity, as these factors alone cannot accurately determine a season under the Sci/Art system. I offer very personalized information and the opportunity to ask questions so that you are getting more than cookie-cutter information. Click on my "Testimonials" page to see how happy my clients are. To get started, purchase using the PayPal button at bottom left. You will receive an email with further instructions within 24 hours (it may be longer on weekends and holidays). Contact me with any questions! Individual color fans made by 12 Tones can also be ordered at bottom left. Please indicate the color season you want in the "Instructions to Buyer" section. There are limited quantities of Spectrafiles fans available, so please check with me before ordering


Wardrobe weed-outs:
Let me help you go through your closet and eliminate clothes that are in the wrong colors and styles for you. You will be left with a wardrobe that is flattering and coordinates effortlessly. I can also help you organize what you have and find new combinations. ($45/hour)


Group presentations and parties:
I would be happy to speak about color and style to your group, whether a professional group or an informal gathering of friends. Possible topics include: appropriate work attire/dress for success, such as "What Not to Wear to Work," using accessories, or finding the right lipstick. I can also do mini color analysis sessions wherein a determination of warm, cool or neutral skin tone is made. I can include discussion of which celebrities wear their colors and demonstrate what happens when they don’t. Did you know that the color of your clothing sends a message? Discussion of color “psychology” is an integral part of dressing for success. I have even developed a presentation for hair salon clients or stylists on determining the best hair color. I am also happy to write an article about color or appropriate office dress for your corporate newsletter. Recent presentations include: Professional Women of the Finger Lakes; 2nd Annual Girls' Weekend/ Pretty in Pink; Friends of the NY44 Health Benefits Plan. Contact me for details.


Gift Certificates:
That’s Your Color! gift certificates make a wonderful gift for someone who deserves a little pampering. Purchase at left (click on arrow under Options for Purchase).


Home and Office Decorating:
Do you need help selecting paint color(s) for the interior or exterior of your home or office? How about finding accessories? Let me help you find paint colors, tiles, flooring, and/or artwork that will coordinate with your existing furniture. Better yet, paint your walls in a color that is flattering to your skin tone – you will look great in your home and will feel great looking at it.