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Personal Image Consultant - Welcome wedding & bridesmaids gowns



Are you getting married?

Have you ever wondered which shade of white to choose for your wedding gown? A color consultation will help you to know whether you will look your best in pure white, ivory, soft white, blush, etc. Your wedding is your big day and the right color gown can mean the difference between glowing or looking tired and pale. Your consultation will allow you to try different shades of white around your face in order to see the difference. If requested, I can even accompany you to shop for your gown. 


Wedding Consultation

Bridesmaids gowns/Wedding Party Color Consultation

What about your bridesmaids?

Are they already afraid of having to wear an unflattering color? A color consultation can give you some ideas for neutral colors that will look good on most everyone.

Alternatively, the bridesmaids can come in for a consultation together so that flattering and coordinating color choices can be made.


A color consultation will also help you select the best colors for your jewelry and even flowers. For example, white or pink pearls look best on women with cool-toned skin, while ivory pearls will flatter warm-toned skin. 

The wedding flowers should complement your gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses.  A color consultation will make all of this easier and more beautiful. 


Are you the mother of the bride or groom? 

Let me help you select some color options for your gown.  I can give you choices that will coordinate well with the bride’s color choices while making you look and feel fabulous.  Be confident that you look your best throughout the wedding.  I can also accompany you shopping or even scout out some great gowns in advance.

Fees for consultations beyond or instead of a full color analysis are $45 per hour, including travel.  Special reduced color analysis rates for wedding parties.